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Managing Chatbot Content Like a Breeze

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Thanks to Bubble CMS you can train a chatbot even if you are not a nerd. Log in and get started.


With Bubble CMS you make sure that changes to the bot do not cause any unwanted side effects.


Use the Bot framework of your choice. Or use several at once. Bubble CMS does the rest.

Chatbot Content Management

The content of a chatbot should be managed by the people who are most familiar with it.
Bubble CMS was developed to make this possible.

Easy Content Management

Manage your chatbot content like a breeze thanks to a powerful and intuitive user interface.

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Easy Chatbot Training

Train your chatbot in no time and with confidence.

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Verify Changes

Test your new content before publishing.

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Monitor and improve the performance of your chatbot efficiently.

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Conversation insights

Get insights into what users are chatting about.

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Can different specialists train the bot?

Several specialists can train the bot independently for a specific domain.

Will I see what the bot didn't understand?

Utterances that the bot has not understood are clearly displayed and serve as the basis for periodic training.

How do I know that content updates don't break the bot?

The proper functionality of the bot can be ensured automatically with test questions.

I already have an FAQ. Do I need to manage each the bot and the FAQ?

FAQ pages can be integrated automatically.

Is translation supported?

A translation process is directly integrated.

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