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Feature Update January 2020

During the last weeks we were able to implement some features that our customers wouldn't want to miss anymore. Here are the three most important features.

Slack Live Chat

Chatbots are of course very smart, and have an answer for almost everything. But there are also situations where a chatbot should better hand over the conversation to a real person. We at Apptiva mostly use slack channels for live chats. Therefore it was obvious to integrate Slack in a simple way with Bubble CMS.

When creating an intent, the user can now select a so-called "Slack Expert Intent". When this intent is triggered, the chatbot will start a conversation with the previously configured slack channel.

Screenshot of Bubble CMS Slack Expert Intent

Entity based intents

This title may sound a bit more complicated than the actual thing is. Often chatbots need to be able to give different answers based on a parameter. If, for example, a chatbot from a large company is asked: "How much do I earn during my apprenticeship?", it usually cannot give an answer right away. The chatbot must first ask which apprenticeship it is about.

With entity based intents, Bubble CMS can be configured to do just that. At first, an entity such as "Apprenticeship" needs to be created. Afterwards, a prompt can be defined for a "Salary" intent, which in this case could be like: "What apprenticeship are you interested in?” Finally, a suitable answer can be entered for all entity values.

Screenshot of Bubble CMS entity based intents


Text-based responses are great. But sometimes it's good if you can integrate a link in an answer, or maybe even display an image. For this reason we have integrated the use of Markdown in answer bubbles. In addition to images and links, the answers can be formatted as desired.

Screenshot of Bubble CMS Markdown chat bubble example

What are your challenges when managing chatbot content? What prevents you from using Bubble CMS?

Get in touch with us. We would be happy to provide you with a test environment.

Special offer: We will give you a 30% discount on a Bubble CMS annual subscription if you purchase it by the end of February 2020. Let us know what your chatbot should be able to do and we will be pleased to send you an offer.